NIMIT means a ‘Medium’.

NIMIT Wealth Management – A Medium to achieve your financial goals.

Also, derived from the names of our co-founders Nitesh and Mitsu, we were born… NIMIT!

Our Vision

“Making Goal based customized Financial Advice accessible to all and spread Financial Literacy.”

At NIMIT, we believe that every successful portfolio is different. It needs to be tailored to your long and short-term goals, in order to make the most of your assets and to protect your financial future. A well-informed advisor with your best interests at heart, is crucial to help you navigate your investment journey.

Everyone is entitled to personalized, unbiased, fiduciary advice and our mission is to make high quality financial advice affordable to everyone.

Our Team
CA Nitesh Buddhadev - CEO & Founder

The Founder, Nitesh Buddhadev (NB), is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He has previously held executive directorship position at a corporate.

As CEO and Founder, Nitesh drives the business direction at NIMIT Wealth Management. He rallies himself and the entire organisation towards making our clients dream come true by making its offerings simple, jargon free and investor friendly. Nitesh brings over 5 years of strong track record of building high growth investment portfolios of clients.

With his passion for Wealth Management and vision of “Making Goal based customized Financial Advice accessible to all and spread Financial Literacy” he started his entrepreneurial venture – NIMIT Wealth Management (formerly, “NB the Wealth Builder”).

CA Mitsu Nitesh Buddhadev - Co-Founder

Mitsu Nitesh Buddhadev, is a Chartered Accountant by profession and Manager at one of the Big 4 Professional Services Firm.

Mitsu is Program Director for “Your Way to Wealth”, our programme that builds essential awareness about money and investing among young earners.

She is the business intelligence head at NIMIT Wealth Management.

She is also responsible to communicate NIMIT Wealth Management’s value proposition to its audience effectively and efficiently.

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